3D Model description

Discover the beauty and function of teeth with the help of the Healthy Premolar Tooth, the 3D printed teeth model that combines education and health in an innovative way.

A healthy Premolar Tooth is a realistic and accurate representation of a human heart tooth. It allows students to better understand teeth' structure and function in the digestive system. This product has been carefully designed to be useful in classrooms and workshops in schools, universities, and other educational centers 🦷.

Thanks to 3D printing technology, students can now explore the fine details of the heart of a healthy tooth and understand how it works in interactive 3D printed teeth. This product is a valuable tool for enhancing interactive learning and deepening a deep understanding of tooth structure.

Make Healthy Premolar Tooth part of your learning environment today and help advance oral health education and awareness in an innovative and engaging way.

Category Education

Material PLA

Price 165.00 SAR